Sam Fisher’s Pro-Democracy Newsletter 🐝⚖💛 — Issue #25

2022 Midterms

Well Fam the time has come to get ready and stay ready to vote for our lives. This is not hyperbole. This is a genuine call to action. It’s nothing we’re not accustomed to. Black and Brown people have understood the assignment and voted overwhelmingly Democratic. Although, our Hispanic brothers and sisters could increase their percentages, but I digress.

What’s Your Voting Status?

Before you go and vote please verify your voting status. Once you verify that you can vote you can determine how you want to vote. Mail in or in-person. Don’t forget to check where you are supposed to vote if you decide you want to vote in person. Below is a link to see if you are eligible to vote and your status to vote.

Where Do I Vote?

Equally as important is where you vote. Over the past decade or so republicans have been steadily reducing the number of available polling locations in BLACK AND BROWN NEIGHBORHOODS! Meanwhile, the number of polling places in white neighborhoods have stayed the same or increased. White supremacy is hard at work to stop you from voting!

Who Am I Voting For?

One of the most concerning issues with the American electorate is that often time voters are not certain about who they are going to vote for or the issues they are willing to support. An alarming number of voters decide at the polling place who and what they are going to vote for. They are also usually influenced by the people surrounding the polling entrances handing out voter information and applying pressure. Believe me it works!

How Do I Get To My Polling Place?

Getting to your polling place could be a challenge. If you are an older voter, or if you are physically challenged getting to your polling location can be impossible. Plan ahead and make arrangements with family or friends to arrive early. They should also be ready to spend time at the polling location (see article above). If you cannot get there with a family member or friend, Uber and Lyft usually provides free rides to the polls.

We Are Helping To Protect Democracy!

Democracy or Bust!

We are at a crossroads my fellow Americans. We are faced with fake patriots who want to destroy our country. There’s no two ways about it. January 6th 2021 was the day they announce their presence in mainstream politics. They also showed that they are willing to kill and maim Americans to gain power. With republicans covering for them, obstructing lawful investigations, and refusing to cooperate with the January 6th Committee. They are showing their faces.

Next Week…

Next week I will start highlighting state politics and ballot initiatives. Of course I am going to start with Florida and the ladies running for office here. Don’t worry I will get to some critical local races as well. Please stay safe, and thank you for reading!



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