Weekly Insights from Sam Fisher 🐝⚖💛 — Issue #14

Florida Election

We have an uphill battle to unseat Rubio. But Val Demings is up to the task! Show your support for her by donating what you can.

The Family Unit

In antiquity and today the Family Unit defines strength as a society and provides strength to the individuals of the unit. However, republicans have done all it can to diminish the Family Unit within Black and Brown communities. Economic hardship, educational opportunities, and inequities in law enforcement and sentencing all work hard to destroy our families.

It Takes a Whole Village to Raise a Child


Civic Duty

There’s a direct correlation between education and being civic minded. As we saw in 2016 and 2020, misinformation, conspiracy theories and outright lies coalesced the “uneducated” in participating in the insurrection and countless other anti-American activities. While it is true not every participant was uneducated or undereducated, the majority of them were.

Saving our Democracy

We all are witnessing the perilous state of our democracy. We are literally hanging on by a thread. Tyranny and authoritarianism are knocking on the door. We need all citizens on deck to protect our fragile country from going down that path that has doomed many civilizations in our history. The greatest defense we have is EDUCATION!

Next Week…

Next week we are looking into social media and the breakdown of the social fabric of our world. Please stay safe, and thank you for reading!



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Sam Fisher 🐝⚖💛

Sam Fisher 🐝⚖💛

Pro-Democrat, Pro-Democracy, Pro-America! News and opinions from Sam Fisher.